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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, was founded in 1829. While it is Australia’s fourth most populated city, it is also the most isolated one. For adventure seekers, Perth is the ideal city. It is surrounded by a majestic range of mountains, with ocean and beaches on one side of its perimeter. It is a great place to get on an adventure, and explore the beauty that Perth, and the rest of Western Australia has to offer.

One day is simply not enough to explore everything this state has to offer. Depending on where you’re travelling, you may need weeks for your next road trip! So pack your camper trailer with enough supplies, and get ready for an amazing ride! Enjoy the exciting outdoors in a comfortable and luxurious camping experience.

Camper Trailer Hire Western Australia

Camping is one of the most popular travel activities in Australia. Western Australia offers such a vast landscape to camp in – from the Kimberley in the furthest north, down to Albany in the furthest south of the state. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy some form of outdoor adventures and experiences to share in this state.

Turn your childhood dreams into reality and reward yourself with a one-of-a-kind camping experience with your friends and family. Owning your own camper trailer is convenient. But you don’t always have to own your own vehicle to enjoy camping adventures. There are plenty of camper trailers for hire that will suit your trip perfectly. You can easily find camper trailers for hire in Perth, and across Western Australia.

If you’re looking for an ideal camper trailer hire for your next trip, then you can easily find reputable businesses in WA using Australian Camper Trailers. We source local hire businesses available in Perth and across Western Australia. Hiring a camper trailer provides hassle-free solutions that can suit any budget for your next road trip.

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Travelling with a camper trailer gives you the ease and comfort of your home during your camping trip. It provides the basic tools and necessities you need while on the road, with a little bit of luxury added in as you carry the comforts of your home with you.

When travelling in Western Australia, take the time to plan your camping trip carefully and ahead of time. Once you know whereabouts in the state you will be travelling (and what type of conditions you will be travelling in), you will have a better idea of the type of camper trailer you will need. There are specific camper trailers and other equipment that will be suited for your every choice of adventure.

Hiring a camper trailer eases the pressure of having to plan for everything for your next trip. Every Camper Trailer hire provides you with the essentials that you’ll need on the road. It gives you and your family more time to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

If you’re thinking about taking a camping adventure in WA, check out the Australian Camper Trailer hire directory that is dedicated for Perth and Western Australia. Find local camper trailer hire businesses near you.

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Camper Trailers for Sale in Western Australia

Camper Trailers for Sale Perth

Hiring a camper trailer is great if you’re just planning a camping trip every now-and-then. But if exploring the Australian outback is something you’re going to be doing more regularly, then purchasing your own camper trailer is probably the better option. As it is, Western Australia has plenty of regions that will get you exploring for months (or years!). But why not stop there – the rest of Australia has plenty of adventures to offer in your very own camper trailer.

When deciding on purchasing a camper trailer, take the time to consider your budget. If you have more money to spend, then purchasing a brand-new vehicle may be the better option. Or, if finances are a bit tighter, then carefully selecting a used vehicle can still give you what you need for your travel adventures. Hiring a camper trailer first can give you a taste of how well the vehicle suits you before you spend the money on purchasing your own.

Before making your purchase, it’s a great idea to familiarise yourself with the basic features of camper trailers first, and how they drive in different conditions. See for yourself which one suits your personal driving experience. Also check if it fits in with the travel plans that you and your family have in mind. When making this type of purchase, it’s important to make sure you’re getting what you really want.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, find a good and reliable dealer near you. The key to finding a good camper trailer is to find a reputable dealership that will assist you on your personal vehicle needs. Take the time to ask them questions, so that you can be comfortable with what you’re purchasing. A good dealer will answer all of your questions and can assist you with completing all necessary legal paperwork for your purchase. When purchasing a brand-new camper trailer, check what warranty and after-sales support is included in your purchase. Make sure you also set up your insurance before picking up your vehicle from the dealership. With this, you can have a worry-free trip with your family, knowing that you are safe and secure.

You can check out camper trailer dealers near you through the Australian Camper Trailers directory to help you in finding reputable dealers in Perth and Western Australia.

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Camper Trailer Maintenance in Western Australia

Owning a camper trailer means ensuring that it undergoes periodic maintenance. It’s important to keep it serviced, and to have any repairs done (where needed) to prevent unexpected breakdowns when on the road. Your vehicle should be checked before and after trips. Regular servicing should be done at least once a year (depending on how often you use it). Always check the condition and get the necessary repairs done before hitting the road.

The effects of any wear-and-tear to the camper trailer after an off-road trip should also be checked. You can certainly do the initial checks yourself. But for a more thorough inspection, this should be done through a trusted local trailer service provider. It’s important to keep your vehicle road worthy, and your family safe on your next adventure.

Maintaining the health of your camper trailer is important for hassle-free travel. Having it undergo proper maintenance services helps to reduce the risk of unexpected events occurring while you’re out on the road. This also helps reduce the costs from spending too much on minor problems that have become serious because of neglect. Proper maintenance helps to lengthen the overall life of your camper trailer.

The typical service for your camper trailer is focused on essentials such as the tyres and brakes, doors and windows, battery and electricals. Also, the checking of oil and coolant levels, shock conditions, and others that could pose a risk to you and your campervan.

For more information on where to find maintenance services for your camper trailers, you can check out the Australian Camper Trailer directory for the maintenance and servicing businesses across Western Australia.

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds in Western Australia

The best thing about Western Australia for camp goers is that you can enjoy camping all year round. Since the majority of the year here is relatively dry, you can really take advantage of this idyllic Australian weather. It gives you enough time to enjoy different regions of the state to its fullest. You’ll never be short of new places to explore.

The amazing thing about Western Australia is that it has the largest area of biodiversity filled with wild animals and plants. Across this state, you will find unique sceneries that were formed billions of years ago. It’s just so inviting to pack up your things and go out for the adventure of a lifetime. Just choose which activities you want to do, pick which place you want to experience, and then go camping!

Western Australia has five major regions where you can find caravan parks and camping grounds. You can either discover the fantastic inland exploration, or head west to some of the most world-famous beaches.

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Western Australia Road Travelling Tips

Best Time of the Year for Travelling in Camper Trailers through Western Australia

Most campsites in WA are open throughout the year. But some of the regions here have very different seasons to the rest. So, it’s important that you are familiar with the different seasons of Western Australia, for the best time to travel.

Because of its massive size, Western Australia has various types of climates across it’s different regions. In the Southwest, for example, it is temperate with some winter rainfall, as well as four seasons (summer, autumn, winter, and spring). On the other hand, the northern part of Western Australia mostly has a tropical climate with a dry and wet season, while the rest is semi-arid or arid.

So, when is the best time to travel to the state in camper trailers?

Top Tips for Travelling by Camper Trailer in Western Australia

Following are some of the top tips to keep in mind when traveling in Western Australia by Camper Trailer: