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Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne has always topped the list as the most livable city in Australia. The bustling city never fails to give tourists and locals a laid-back vibe with their trendy cafes and pubs Melbourne takes pride in. But Melbourne is most famously known as the sporting capital of the world! Sports junkies from different states and countries visit Melbourne to cheer for their favourite teams – be it football, rugby, or cricket. Beyond the loud cheers and the walls of the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the picture-perfect Great Ocean Road and the adorable Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. One of the best ways to experience Melbourne and explore the hidden gems of Victoria is through Camper Trailer!

Camper Trailer Hire Victoria

There may be a lot of ways to explore and experience your dream destination, but nothing beats the wild and fun ride of being on the road with your Camper Trailer. Good thing Melbourne makes it easy for you to travel to outback Victoria by offering the Camper Trailer of your choice!

If you are planning to get a quick getaway from your job or celebrate a holiday outside Melbourne’s city buzz on a tight budget, renting a Camper Trailer is perfect for you. The benefits of renting a caravan give you flexibility and freedom on your travel without breaking the bank.

Hiring a caravan gives you the ability to visit as many places in Victoria as you want at any time of the year. You might spend your morning in Bendigo, have lunch in Ballarat and watch the sunset in St. Kilda. It all depends on your steering wheel. You are not limiting yourself, unlike checking-in in a single place. With such flexibility, you can make the most out of your vacation leave.

The type of Camper Trailer you will hire will depend on your destinations. If you are travelling to places off the beaten path, rugged road and dunes, you will need an off-road Camper Trailer. Hire an on-road Camper Trailer if your destinations have sealed and well-maintained roads.

Camper Trailer hires that are already equipped with travel essentials can be found in Melbourne. You can choose and hire an RV suited for your travel at a much cheaper price by checking out a trusted and reputable Camper Trailer dealership near you.

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Camper Trailers for Sale in Victoria

If you can’t get enough of the youthful feeling of Melbourne streets, the adrenaline rush of the Victorian roads and outback, the soothing ocean breeze of Ninety Mile Beach, then you better kick off your Australian tour!

If you are planning to be a frequent traveller or dreaming to bring your family on a road trip and camping every holiday, investing in a Camper Trailer is the best decision.

You may consider it costly buying your caravan but you will save more money in the long run. Who says you are only allowed to buy a brand-new Camper Trailer? There are Camper Trailer dealerships that sell used RVs that are still fit for the road and almost as good and capable as new.

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Considerations when Buying a Camper Trailer in VIC

When buying a new Camper Trailer, you should consider your travel plans and budget. If you are unfamiliar with Camper Trailers, be sure to consult your local Camper Trailer dealerships as much as possible so you can make a price comparison and make sure you’re getting the right vehicle for you. You want your caravan to be perfect for your needs and worthy of your money, so do not be too shy to ask.

If you are on a tight budget, buying a used Camper Trailer is also an option. Used caravans are not always as battered as you may think. It also has equipment that is necessary for your travel, sometimes it is almost as good as new, but it still needs thorough checking for hidden damages that can worsen along the way. There are also stolen Camper Trailers that are being resold. Better check all the legal documents of the Camper Trailer before buying. A reputable Camper Trailer dealership will help make sure all legalities are in order, so there’s no nasty surprises.

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Camper Trailer Maintenance in Victoria

Just like your own car, your Camper Trailer requires its regular check-up. Depends on your use, your Camper Trailer needs to be checked once a year. Having regular maintenance on your caravan prevents damages that can worsen in the long run. It also extends the durability of your RV and can save you more money from costly caravan repairs.

Fortunately, you can do some of the maintenance yourself, just like you would when you maintain your car. You can run down some check-ups on the Camper Trailer parts like tyre pressure, fuel and water tanks, ventilation, batteries, brakes and lights, and the entire body interior and exterior of your RV.

Maintenance also happens in between long trips to keep the good condition of your Camper Trailer during the entire journey. In this case, you must know your Camper Trailer and all the tools it needed for fixing. To avoid nasty surprises in between trips, make sure to check the condition of your caravan before hitting the road.

To keep your Camper Trailer maintained properly, there are accessible and trusted RV servicing and caravan repair shop around Melbourne. Let the experts maintain your caravan to ensure its safety and durability. Never compromise the safety of you and your family when you’re on holidays; it should always be your top priority.

Our Camper Trailer Maintenance directory gives you the list of reputable MotorHome Service and Repairs across Victoria. Keep your caravan safe and have an exciting and trouble-free Australian tour with your friends and family.

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds in Victoria

Victoria is more than just sports and coffee. Lying outside Melbourne’s urban buzz is breathtaking waters and astonishing nature and wildlife that you should see at least once in your lifetime. Countless must-see camping destinations and exciting adventures and activities are waiting for you in Victoria.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in Victoria

If you are looking for kid friendly-camping grounds and caravan parks near Melbourne for your family holiday, Anglesea Family Caravan Park is less than a two-hour drive away from the city. The park offers 250 caravan spots for campers. With a perfect view of the Great Ocean Road beachfront and the Angelsea River, it is a perfect place for your children to play and explore while you relax and de-stress. The Anglesea Family Caravan Park has indoor and outdoor activities for children such as a mini-golf course, pool, bouncing pillow and game rooms.

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Camping with a Camper Trailer in Beechworth

Farther from Melbourne is Lake Sambell Caravan Park in Beechworth. The park has comfortable accommodation and necessities like powered sites, laundry, drinking water, toilets and phone reception. The park also has kids’ play park for your children and allows you to bring your furry friends. You can enjoy your barbecue inside the park, go fishing and swimming or simply enjoy nature with their walk trails.

Henty Park Campground in Portland, Victoria is a free admission park that allows you to bring your canine companion to enjoy the breathtaking scenery with you. The campground has essential facilities such as drinking water, toilets and phone reception.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in Phillip Island

Do you know that penguins are just two hours away from Melbourne? Not in zoos, but penguins in the wild. Phillip Island Caravan Park might give you a chance to see the majestic Penguin Parade of Phillip Island. The park accommodates all types of travellers by offering allotted sites, Camper Trailers, cabins, and caravans. They also have a Wi-Fi connection, powered sites, phone reception, and coffee shop nearby.

Four hours from Melbourne is Lake Catani Campground in Mount Buffalo National Park. Enjoy the view of the alps and the rich wildlife of the mountain. You can go swimming and kayaking, enjoy the waterfalls and be friends with wombats.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in the Grampians

If you are into modern and luxurious camping, but still want to be connected with nature, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park in The Grampians is for you. Less than four hours away from Melbourne and Great Ocean Road, you can spice up your regular camping by trying their glamping and modern cabins. Enjoy their wide-open paddock and its friendly emus, kangaroos and birds with the stunning view of the Grampians National Park at the back. You can also visit Lake Bellfield for kayaking and fishing.

If your main goal on your trip is to relax and unplug from your tiring job and a busy schedule, Killarney Beach Caravan Park waits for you. Found in the quiet town of Killarney, the calm beachside and soothing breeze of the verdant pastures gives your body and mind a reset perfect for meditation. Feel at home and go relax, unwind, and be carefree in the arms of still nature and hospitable and welcoming town.

Victoria Road Travelling Tips

Best Time of the Year for Travelling in Camper Trailers through Victoria

The state of Victoria is in the southern hemisphere of Australia. That is why it experiences cooler and wetter weather than other states. Victoria has three separate climate zones: the alpines where it is colder, southern coastal where it is cooler, and northern and western parts where it is warmer. Melbourne is known for having unpredictable weather – “four seasons in one day”!

Top Tips for Travelling by Camper Trailer in Victoria

One thing you should know and remember about the Australian traffic rules is that the country practices right-hand driving. The steering wheel of the vehicles including Camper Trailers is on the right side of the car, therefore always remember to stay on the left side of the road when driving. Overseas tourists who want to drive in Victoria should possess a valid and updated driver’s licence. For those who have a licence in a foreign language, you need to get an International Driving Permit.

For interstate tourists, the traffic rules in Victoria are similar to the other states. The main difference you’ll notice to other states is the “hook turns” which are typically observed where there are tram lines in the city.

Generally, as a responsible driver, you should comply with basic traffic rules such as speed limit, traffic lights, parking, bicycle and tram lanes. Violations on safety driving like wearing seatbelts, driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and distracted driving have corresponding penalties according to the law.

Road Safety Tips when Travelling by Camper Trailer in VIC

Here’s some additional tips for driving your Camper Trailer through Victoria: