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Dubbed the great Wine Capitals of the world, exploring South Australia by Camper Trailer is great for foodies and adventure seekers alike. Adelaide hosts many of Australia’s Festivals throughout the year. Aside from its famous food and bar tourism, the city is bursting with heritage and cultural institutions. You won’t be short of arts and entertainment attractions. Outside the hustle and bustle of Adelaide are many outback regions waiting to be explored. From the calm waters of the Eyre Peninsula to the rugged mountain landscape of Flinders Ranges, South Australia is full of surprises. Camping is a perfect way to experience what this state has to offer. With today’s modern varieties of Camper Trailers, you can now spice up your travel experience.

Camper Trailer Hire South Australia

There are a lot of things we need to consider in our travels. It could be time, budget and convenience. Despite all those elements, we don’t want to compromise our travel experience. The good news is hiring Camp Trailers gives you the flexibility, freedom and comfort to explore South Australia without breaking the bank.

If you are the type of traveller who wants a quick escape from the busy city of Adelaide, or you don’t want to be caught in the holiday tourism rush, then Camper Trailer hire is perfect for you.

Hiring a Camper Trailer gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want anytime of the year. Booking accommodation can limit your flexibility to travel the vast lands of South Australia. Driving an RV allows you to check all the entries in your South Australian travel bucket list when taking advantage of your annual leave.

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Considerations when Hiring a Camper Trailer in SA

Your travel destination plays a big part in considering which type of Camper Trailer you should rent. Since South Australia is brimming with beautiful sceneries and remote locations (with unique terrain and landscapes), your choice of Camper Trailer vehicle is important.

If you are planning to travel to destinations that have well-maintained roads along the journey, hiring an on-road Camper Trailer would be ideal. Off-road Camper Trailer is a better choice if you’re planning to explore rugged off-road tracks for the more extreme experience.

Fortunately, Camper Trailer hires provide you with wide options of campervans, fully equipped with travel essentials you need to make your journey safe and comfortable.

If you’re considering hiring a Camper Trailer for a quick getaway, our Camper Trailer Hire directory in South Australia gives you the list of most trusted and reliable trailer providers in the state.

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Camper Trailers for Sale in South Australia

If you’re a travel junky that can’t get enough of the Australian roads, buying your own Camper Trailer becomes a much more practical decision. Since your campervan will be your newest travel buddy for a long time, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in the perfect van for you.

Having an ideal Camper Trailer doesn’t always mean it has to be brand-new. You can buy used Camper Trailers that are fully equipped, durable, and capable of handling your long journey.

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Considerations when Purchasing a Camper Trailer in SA

In choosing a Camper Trailer, make sure it fits your budget, family travel needs, and the kind of destinations you’ll most likely visit. Visiting different Camper Trailer dealerships in South Australia (or places near you) is a good start to find the Camper Trailer of your choice.

Do you travel with your family or group of friends? Consider the size of your Camper Trailer. Check the batteries, water and fuel tanks, storage, canvas, and power and electric system. It is important that your Camper Trailer suits long drives and can withstand different weather conditions.

When buying used or new Camper Trailers, don’t forget to check the services offered by Camper Trailer dealers. Look for the Camper Trailer dealership reviews and customer service feedback. Always ask for their warranty services and insurance. Do they offer other services necessary for your Camper Trailer such as repairs near your place?

Aside from checking the physical aspect of your Camper Trailer, always remember to look for the legal documents, especially when buying a used Camper Trailer. Watch out for stolen Camper Trailers being resold. Make sure all information on your Camper Trailer is reflected in its registration papers to avoid legal delays. To be 100% safe, only visit reputable and trusted Camper Trailer dealerships in Adelaide, or places near you in South Australia.

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Camper Trailer Maintenance in South Australia

The great thing about living in Adelaide is its accessibility to maintenance and repair services for your caravan. It is important to always get your Camper Trailer a regular check-up, whether you use it frequently or not. Regular maintenance saves you money and time by preventing damages that can get worse if neglected. This ensures the safety of your journey and provides the quality travel experience you are looking for.

General maintenance such as cleaning your caravan and checking your Camper Trailer parts (such as ventilation, tanks, tyre pressure, brakes and lights) can be done by yourself. It may be  tough work but keeping your RV well maintained extends the life and durability of your caravan.

Caravan repairs and maintenance don’t only occur before or after your trip. In between trips, professional check-ups are also important, especially before long journeys. For this kind of maintenance, it is important that you know your RV well enough and have the necessary tools and equipment with you during the trip. Preparing a list of the nearest caravan repair shops and services in your destination can be helpful during unexpected delays.

Using a Professional Camper Trailer Service and Repairer in SA

If you do not have time or the knowledge to maintain your caravan yourself, let the experts take the job. Look for a reliable and trustworthy motorhome service and repair shop in Adelaide. It will help save you time and ensures your safety when on the road.

The maintenance of your Camper Trailer plays a big part in your satisfactory travel experience. Nothing beats the South Australian travel experience than having a trouble-free journey.

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds in South Australia

South Australia is a tourism goldmine right under our noses. Just a few minutes-drive outside Adelaide are family and pet-friendly campgrounds, perfect for your quick weekend getaway. South Australia offers you a wide range and various sceneries that will suit your personal travel taste buds.

If you are new to caravan travelling (or perhaps testing your new Camper Trailer), one way to get used to your vehicle is by visiting campgrounds near Adelaide. Believe it or not, you can be at-one with nature just hours away from the city.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in SA

Just 70 minutes away from Adelaide is the protected area of Newland Head Conservation Park on the southern coast of Fleurieu Peninsula. It is a popular spot for hiking, surfing, fishing and bird watching. Its wide stretch beach and perfect night sky lets you enjoy your serene moments. It is a great destination for a quick escape from the stress of the busy city.

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The Woodhouse Activity Centre is a child-friendly campground. This is perfect for families who are still new to Camper Trailer trips. Less than an hour travel from Adelaide, Woodhouse Activity Centre provides safe and spacious campgrounds. They offer comfortable amenities such as toilets and hot showers. The campground also has obstacle courses, mazes and slides perfect for family bonding activities.

Travelling with your canine companion will never be a problem in South Australia. Moonta Caravan Park in the Yorke Peninsula offers you pet-friendly beaches such as the Moonta Bay and Port Hughes. The spot is very accessible with shops and cafes just a walking distance away from the campgrounds. You and your dogs can enjoy swimming in calm waters. And try finishing the day with a relaxing stroll on the beach at sunset.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in the Flinders Ranges

If you’re looking for a more extreme South Australian caravan trip, then visit the rugged mountain landscape of Flinders Ranges. South Australia’s famous (and largest) mountain range offers many campgrounds. Here you will find the Wilpena Ground Resort, Ikara Safari Camp, Bendleby Ranges and Andamooka Camp Ground. Flinders Ranges offers you scenic landscape, a natural amphitheatre, and wide skyline. You can explore the hills and dunes of the mountain range by taking 4WD tracks.

If you are feeling the call of the wild, Kuitipo Forest in Fleurieu Peninsula is the one for you. The campground is flourishing with rich vegetation. It’s perfect for setting up the mood for barbecues and midnight campfire stories.

You can witness Eyre Peninsula’s stunning sandstone cliffs called The Woolshed and The Tub by camping at the Talia Caves. Talia Caves campground is located near Port Lincoln.

If you want to experience tranquillity and listen to the waves of the Great Southern Ocean, then Coorong National Park is waiting for you. Less than a 2-hour 4WD from Adelaide, you can enjoy the ocean breeze by setting up campsites by the beach.

Make sure not to miss South Australia’s pink lakes: The Lake MacDonnell. The pink lake is located at Cohen Rest Area in the Eyre Peninsula. Near the MacDonnell Lake is the Cactus Beach where humpback whales love to visit between months of May and September.

South Australia Road Travelling Tips

Best Time of the Year for Travelling in Camper Trailers through South Australia

Adelaide is considered to have a Mediterranean climate, meaning it is generally warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Adelaide records more rainfall during the winter than in summer, so bear this in mind when planning your Camper Trailer travels.

Top Tips for Travelling by Camper Trailer in South Australia

Australia implements a right-hand drive rule, meaning your vehicle should remain on the left side of the road. Travellers (especially foreigners who are not used to this rule) can practice through the South Australian government’s Hazard Perception Test.

Always follow the speed limit. Overseas visitors should possess an international permit to be able to drive in South Australia for 12 months. Australian urban areas have a default speed limit of 50 km/h while some roads allow more than the default speed limit. Drivers and passengers are advised to wear seatbelts or child restraints at all times. Driving under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, and driving while using mobile phones are offences with corresponding penalties according to the state’s law.

Road Safety Tips when Travelling by Camper Trailer in South Australia