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Exploring New South Wales by Camper Trailer will be a trip you and your family will never forget. Sydney is Australia’s most populated city, and a must-see destination for most visitors. It is famously known for the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Being a multicultural city, your journey is sure to be full of good food, trending fashion, and picturesque beaches.  From the glorious beaches of the east coast, to the expansive ranges of the Blue Mountains, and everything in between – there’s an adventure to cater for everyone in New South Wales. What better way to experience this state than by road. Camper Trailers gives you the freedom to travel off the beaten track, with a bit of extra luxury from traditional camping.

Camper Trailer Hire New South Wales

Give yourself the camping experience you’ve always dreamed of for your next holiday. Whether you live in Sydney, or looking to visit New South Wales, Camper Trailers and RVs allow you to explore this beautiful region at your own pace. Hiring a caravan for your next holiday allows you to travel in comfort, while experiencing outdoor living at its best, all at an affordable price.

Camper Trailer hire gives you the flexibility of short and long term rental caravans. Getaway for a quick weekend, explore New South Wales over a week, or perhaps embark on that adventure around Australia you’ve always dreamed of. Hiring a caravan gets you on that trip sooner, without the expense of purchasing your own Camper Trailer. Or, if you are thinking of purchasing your own trailer, it gives you the opportunity to test it out before you buy.

Depending on where you will be travelling will determine the type of campervan you should hire. Some Camper Trailers are designed for on road, and should only be driven on sealed roads. Whereas if you’re looking for that true off-road experience, then off road camper trailer hire is more suited for unsealed roads and 4WD tracks. 

Save yourself the worry of putting everything together yourself for your next camping trip. Most Camper Trailer hires come fully equipped with the essential equipment you need, so you and your family can get going on your trip hassle free. 

If you’re considering hiring a Camper Trailer for your holiday, check out the Camper Trailer Hire directory in New South Wales for a hassle-free way to find a reputable trailer provider near you.

Camper Trailers Sydney

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Camper Trailers for Sale in New South Wales

Camper Trailers for Sale NSW

If you love exploring the Australian country, and travelling around New South Wales, then investing in a camper trailer may be a good option for you. It’s a perfect transition into the world of camping without having to sleep on the ground. It gives you that level of comfort and freedom to travel wherever the moment takes you.

When buying a campervan, you can choose from a new or used one. It all comes down to your travel plans, budget, and experience. There are many moving parts that go with the trailer, and it can be daunting if you’re a novice to the camper trailer world. Make sure to check with the dealer what sort of warranty and after-sales support is offered with your purchase.

A used Campervan can be a better option if you’re on a tighter budget. But it’s important to make sure it’s been well looked after to avoid any nasty surprises. By using a reputable Camper Trailer dealership you give yourself a better chance of finding a used camper trailer that has been sold legally, properly maintained, and meets your individual travel needs.

There are many options available when it comes to camper trailers. The best way to discover which camper trailer is going to suit you and your travel adventures is to see it in person. You want to be able to see how it drives and feels. Most importantly, how well it will fit your family and your travel plans. Find a showroom in Sydney for the opportunity to see your future camper trailer for yourself.

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Camper Trailer Maintenance in New South Wales

If you’re fortunate enough to own your own RV in Sydney, then ongoing service and maintenance is important. This is to ensure the quality, comfort and safety of your camper trailer when you embark on your next road trip. You don’t want to ruin your holiday dealing with a broken down camper trailer!  Typically, servicing is needed on your Camper Trailer every 12 months or 10,000kms (depending on how often you use it).

Based on the type and age of your motorhome, there are a range of features that need to be maintained just like you would need to with your own home. This helps to extend the life of your motorhome between trips, and save money along the way from unnecessary repairs. This type of maintenance can be done yourself, such as keeping surfaces clean (inside and out) , checking tyre pressure, keeping batteries charged (with regular use and specialized charging between trips), checking oil and coolant levels, keeping your RV undercover (out of the elements), along with checking seals, windows, latchings and doors etc. regularly.

To help keep your Camper Trailer in tip-top condition, then finding a reliable, trustworthy and affordable servicing and repair company is important. You want to know that the maintenance of your trailer is being looked after properly, giving peace of mind you and your family are safe on your next camping adventure. Our Camper Trailer Maintenance directory gives you access to service and repair companies across New South Wales.

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds in New South Wales

The great thing you’ll find about New South Wales is the abundance of campgrounds available throughout the state. You’ll never run out of places to visit with your Camper Trailer with all these options! No matter your adventure taste, there’s something to suit most people here in New South Wales. Explore somewhere local for a short-weekend away, or take the week off work, and allow yourself time to travel and explore.

If you’re a water baby, you can visit the main Solitary Islands Marine Park off the coast of Coffs Harbour. Here you can explore the vast marine life with a diving expedition. Yuraygir National Park, Wooli is situated between Yamba and Coffs Harbour. Again, you’ll find some stunning beaches, with over 65km of coastline. Although you will need a 4WD and off-road camper trailer to visit most areas.

Or see the beautiful humpback whales as they migrate each year off Jervis Bay. Honeymoon Bay in Jervis Bay is a 3 hour drive from Sydney. It’s a secluded, bush camping experience. It is also home to some of the most stunning beaches you’ll find in NSW. 

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Camping Experiences by Camper Trailer in New South Wales

If walking is more your style, then try the picturesque bushwalking trails in Katoomba through the stunning Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is a 2 hour drive from Sydney, and is the home of the famous Three Sisters, and Katoomba Falls. With plenty of lookout locations on offer, there’s lots of opportunities to rest and enjoy the view.

If riding a bike’s more your thing, you can cycle your way through the coastal town of Wollongong, which offers hundreds of kilometers of bike and hiking trails. Wollongong is only an hour and a half from Sydney, and is a place where the mountains meet the sea. With an unique coastline on offer, explore the Killalea State Park or Lake Illawarra. There are plenty of dedicated BBQ areas and local picnic sites throughout the parks.

Or if relaxing is more your style, then kick back with some wine tasting in the famous Hunter Valley region. There are plenty of campsites options for you and your Camper Trailer. The Hunter Valley is home to Australia’s oldest wine region, along with UNESCO World Heritage rainforest. Only 3 hours from Sydney, you can enjoy horseback riding, hiking and plenty of local markets to explore.

If you want a good-old outback Australian trip, then maybe Broken Hill is the ideal place for you. This is a longer-term trip in New South Wales, which will take you around 13 hours to get there. There are plenty of campsites to choose from, so you can enjoy the camping outback experience. Explore the local art galleries and museums, visit the historic Day Dream mine, go camel riding, or try out your 4WD skills with some unforgettable off-road tracks. At the end of the day, enjoy a meal and beer at the local pub.

New South Wales Road Travelling Tips

Best Time of the Year for Travelling in Camper Trailers through New South Wales

As far as Australian climates go, Sydney offers some of the most consistent weather you’ll experience throughout most of the year. 

Top Tips for Travelling by Camper Trailer in New South Wales

When travelling in Australia, the steering wheel is located on the right hand side of the camper trailer. It is very important to always Stay Left when driving on Australian roads (unless it’s safe to overtake). You will also need a foreign licence (valid for 3 months) to be permitted to drive in Australia. It’s the law in Australia to drive with a seatbelt on at all times, and the blood alcohol limit is 0.05%.

Road Safety Tips when Travelling by Camper Trailer in New South Wales

Here’s some additional tips for driving your Camper Trailer through New South Wales: