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There’s nothing like experiencing the scenery of the Australian Capital Territory then by Camper Trailer. The Australian Capital Territory is the nation’s capital, with Canberra being the political centre of the country. The ACT houses the central Australian government and is a territory that’s actually located within the state of New South Wales.

Rich in Australian history, Canberra is currently the nation’s eighth most populated city. It is home to some of the world-famous geological formations like the Canberra Formation, the Pittman Formation, Black Mountain Sandstone, and State Circle Shale. Even with a lot of economic development throughout the region, it has remained to be a vibrantly enticing Bush Capital with all of its greeneries, forests, and wildlife.

Canberra is an ideal place for those who are looking for a place to live that can offer a city life that can swiftly shift to an outdoor-camping- type of living with just a quick drive to the wilderness. It might be the center of politics and the house of parliament in Australia, but the camping lifestyle and the love for the great outdoors are very much alive and well in here. Australian Capital Territory is the smallest among the country’s premier regions, but its relatively small size in area contrasts the richness of nature and the volume of biodiversity it has.

Camper Trailer Hire Canberra

Camping is a culture and is an Australian way of life for many outdoor enthusiasts. Planned road trips are great for people who love to travel this country. Discovering the Australian wildlife and experiencing our native bushland is a unique opportunity. It’s worthwhile taking your time to explore the scenery and parks of the Australian Capital Territory. And what better way to do that then in a Camper Trailer. Travel where you want, anytime you want throughout the ACT – all at your own pace.

Owning your own camper trailer gives you the freedom to camp out anytime you want to explore more of Australia. But if that’s not quite in the budget, then a better option is to hire a camper trailer first. This allows you to only pay for it when you want to use it, and learn the basics about it first.

When looking for the best camper trailer hire for your trip, look for a dealer who is local and reputable in the area. Camper Trailer Hire in Canberra allows you to find the best vehicle for you and your family. Hiring a campervan also takes the planning and budgeting hassles out of your trip, so you can hit the road sooner.

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Using a camper trailer for your next trip provides the comfort and ease of taking your own home on the road with you! You will still get that ultimate camping experience, but with a bit more luxury of having your own bed, kitchen and utensils. Don’t worry – you can still enjoy a campfire with your mates!  And when you’re ready to move onto the next destination, packing up your camper trailer is a breeze.

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Camper Trailers for Sale in Canberra

Exploring the unique outdoors that Australia has to offer helps us to appreciate all the things it has to offer. The ACT has some beautiful scenery to explore, and what better way to do this then by camping.

If you’re planning for longer road trips, then having your own camper trailer could be a better option for you than hiring. By owning your own van, you are in control of how well it is looked after and maintained. You can also customise it to your travel preferences, making it as comfortable and convenient as possible. But there are a few things to consider first before purchasing your new camper trailer.

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Considerations when purchasing a Camper Trailer

First off, consider your budget. Before buying your camper trailer, take a look at your finances and how much you can afford to spend. It would be awesome if you can afford to purchase a brand camper trailer. But if finances are a little tighter, then purchasing a second hand (but well maintained) vehicle may be a better option. At the end of the day, what matters most is that your camper trailer can serve its purpose. It’s something that helps you experience the camping trip of a lifetime.

Next up, take the time to think about your travel needs. What is that you really want when it comes to your camper trailer? What’s going to make your trip comfortable for you and your family? What experience do you have driving larger vehicles? And what type of trips will you most likely be taking – on-road or off-road? These factors will determine the type of van that will suit you best. Speak to your local dealer who will be able to guide you through the right type of camper vans for you.

Finally, make sure you find a good dealership for camper trailers (new or used). Choose to work with a rep who you feel comfortable with. Someone who can give you the guidance and support you need for your camper trailer purchase. A good dealership will find you the best value for your money, and provide good after-sale services. This should apply to whether you are getting a brand new or a second-hand vehicle. They will also take the time to provide you with helpful information and answer your questions.

If you’re ready to make your next purchase, Australian Camper Trailers can help you find local camper trailer dealerships in Canberra and the ACT region.

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Camper Trailer Maintenance in Canberra

Every camper trailer needs proper maintenance and servicing. It’s important for it to stay in roadworthy condition for your holidays. The lifespan of your camper trailer depends on how well it’s been looked after.

Preventive maintenance helps to reduce the risk of any unexpected breakdown while on the road. Regular servicing can identify and fix any repairs that need to be done to your vehicle. A camper trailer in great shape means fewer hassles on your trip. Knowing your van is serviced allows you to relax have more fun when you go out for your adventure.

There are some regular maintenance you can perform yourself for your van in between road trips. This includes keeping the exterior and interior clean, kept inside (or covered) from the outdoor elements, and checking battery, lights, oil and coolants etc.

For more intensive servicing, this should be done at least once a year (depending on how much you use your camper trailer). A quality service and repair centre will make sure your trailer is performing well, and is safe for your next family holiday.

For an easy way to find a reputable camper trailer service and repair centre near you, check out the Australian Camper Trailer directory in Canberra.

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds in Australian Capital Territory

Canberra is the nation’s capital and the seat of political power in Australia. It is a popular tourist destination for those who want to experience the heart of Australian parliament. Even though it’s the smallest territory in Australia, there’s still a lot to explore. You’ll find plenty of campgrounds perfect for families throughout the ACT. Even better, they can be enjoyed by the comfort of your camper trailer in the Australian Capital Territory.

Camping with a Camper Trailer in Canberra

For a quick escape from the city of Canberra, the most popular camping ground here is situated in Cotter Campground. It is a relaxed and convenient camping park. Here you can enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming by the Cotter River. This is a picturesque camping park that offers the most services and facilities for visitors. One of the best features of the campground is that you do not need to book a trip for you to enjoy a camping escape here.

The camping and park fees can be conveniently paid through a park officer on duty or just by putting it in an honesty box. Casuarina Sands, Cotter Dam Lookout, and the Brindabella Mountains are just a couple of stone’s throw away from here.

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Camping with a Camper Trailer in the ACT

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a more scenic nature tour with your camper trailer, you can’t go wrong visiting the Namadgi National Park. It houses several camping grounds such as:

Honeysuckle Campground, which is good for campers in large numbers

Orroral Campground, for a great walking experience on the Granite Tors

Mt. Clear Campground, which is the remotest location for an old-school camping escape.

Additionally, other camping grounds can also be enjoyed in Woods Reserve. This is perfect for a chance to see the Gibraltar Creek and Gibraltar Falls, and enjoy chill camping with a side trip to Corin Forest and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. There is also Wee Jasper that is located a little farther from Canberra. It caters to visitors without the need for booking and offers walking tracks. You can try your hand at fishing and swimming. You can also find some cave systems here in Wee Jasper that feature picturesque stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Australian Capital Territory Road Travelling Tips

Best Time of the Year for Travelling in Camper Trailers through ACT

The Australian Capital Territory has a dry and oceanic to continental climate. It is characterised by seasons of warm to hot summer days and cool that turns into chilling lazy winters. Camping here can be scheduled the whole year-round. Just watch out for weather bulletins and weather predictions for you to be able to schedule your trips properly.

Top Tips for Travelling by Camper Trailer in ACT

When travelling by Camper Trailer in Australia, it’s important to be aware of the local road rules that will keep you and your family safe. Most importantly, always stay left when on the roads. You must hold a valid drivers license (including international drivers license if you’re from overseas). Seatbelts are mandatory for use when in a moving vehicle. And you must never drive while under the influence of alcohol (with the limit of 0.05).

Road Safety Tips when Travelling by Camper Trailer in Australian Capital Territory

Here are some other tips when travelling by Camper Trailer in the Australian Capital Territory: